In 2023, Vulcano Lindenhof is a place for inspiration. For new impulses. With us, every woman and every man relaxes according to their own style. Completely individual. Sleep healthy. Eat healthy. Work healthy. Live a good life. All year long. That is our creed.

Vulcano Lindenhof already stands for movement , enjoyment and relaxation . We would like to specialize further: We create the environment for a strengthened courage to face life. For a healthy body feeling. And for vitality.

For this we cooperate with peoplewho share our values. And live our values. We offer our guests the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Medical wellness. Experienced with joy. Holistic and sustainable.

We want to be a place for holistic well-being in the southern Eifel. We cordially invite you to accompany us on this exciting journey.


Relaxation. Deceleration.
Moments of happiness. Pamper all your senses. Isn’t that exactly what you want? Now. At this moment. Come to us. In the volcanic Eifel. In the southern Eifel. Original place. Healthy place.

Pack you suitcase. Regain strength. Find something precious. In the Vulcano Lindenhof you will experience holistic well-being for body and soul. Totally relaxed. Casually. With pleasure. According to your rhythm. Sleep healthy. Eat healthy.